World Civilization Vol C (Modern)

Publisher: GOYAL SaaB Reprint

ISBN: 9788185288628

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Author:  Edward MacNall Burns, Philip Lee Ralph, Robert E. Lerner , Standish Meacham
ISBN-10: 8185288623
ISBN-13: 9788185288628
Language:  English
Publisher: Goyal Saab
Publishing Date: 1991
Subject: English

Highlights of the 7th Edition-Volume C. A new chapter in the French Revolution. New material on the history of women, education and literacy. Revised coverage of East Asian History. Recasts discussions of imperialism and the origins of the first World War. Thoroughly revised and updated treatments of the twentieth-century world. Over 1,000 illustrations & Photographs, 65 Maps. Thoroughly revised annotated bibliographies, chronological charts, a list of rulers, and an index with pronunciation guides.