Dictionary Of French Slang And Colloquial Expressions

Publisher: Barron's

ISBN: 9780764141157

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Author: Henry Strutz
ISBN-10: 9764141155
ISBN-13: 9780764141157
Language: FRENCH   
Pages: 384
Publisher: Barron's
Publishing Date: jul 1 2009
Subtitle: Dictionaries
Subject: FRENCH

This quick-reference dictionary for language students and travelers to French-speaking countries presents more than 4,000 informal, commonly-used words and phrases in French with English translations and equivalent phrases. International travelers quickly discover that their textbook knowledge of French will take them only so far in understanding and communicating with others. This new edition, updated with many of the most contemporary expressions, will help all students and travelers who have an intermediate-level knowledge of French but need to familiarize themselves with informal speech. Words and sentences are presented with grammatical information, their English meanings, and a sentence or extended sentence in French to illustrate usage, followed by the English translation. TeaDictionary of French Slang and Colloquial Expressions is one title in Barron s series of slang dictionaries in several different languages. Because of the nature of slang, these books contain expressions that some readers might find offensive.