Barron’S Complete Spanish Grammar Review

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183074476

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Author: William C. Harvey
Binding:  Paperback
ISBN-10:  8183074472
ISBN-13:  9788183074476
Language: Spanish
Publisher:  Barron's
Publishing Date:  01-07-2011
Subtitle:  BOOK
Subject: Spanish


Barron's Complete Spanish Grammar Review

Students of Spanish will find a comprehensive summary of grammar and correct usage in this book. It begins with a review of standard Spanish sounds, spellings, and sentence types. It then goes on to analyze all verb tenses, the passive voice, reflexive verbs, the subjunctive mood, imperative command verb forms, and uses of infinitives. Following chapters cover nouns, modifiers and the other parts of speech, with discussion of interrogative forms, words that express negation, feminine forms, demonstratives and possessives, pronouns, diminutive and augmentative word formations, and more. Contemporary idioms are interspersed throughout the text, and exercises in
every chapter will help you sharpen your understanding of Spanish grammar.