Les Loustics 3 Guide Pédagogique

Publisher: Hachette

ISBN: 9782011559173

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    • Author:  Marianne Capouet / Hugues Denisot
    • Binding: PAPERBACK
    • ISBN-10: 9782011559173
    • ISBN-13: 9782011559173
    • Language:  FRENCH
    • Level: A2.1
    • Pages: 208
    • Publisher: Hachette
    • Publishing Date: september 2, 2014
    • Subtitle: Teacher's Book
    • Subject: FRENCH

    About The Book 

    Structure :

    Le guide pédagogique propose :

    • Une présentation détaillée de la méthode, de ses composants et de ses principes méthodologiques

    • Un accompagnement à l’utilisation du livre de l’élève (objectifs d’apprentissage  à l’oral et à l’écrit, déroulement de la leçon au fil du livre et du cahier, transcriptions et corrigés, indications pour enrichir la leçon, renvois aux outils d’évaluation)

    • Une pièce de théâtre pour la fête de fin d’année

    • Les rubriques : jouer avec Les Loustics pour apprendre ; utiliser les cartes images des Loustics ; lire des albums jeunesse

    • Des fiches photocopiables utiles à l’animation de la classe, à la mise en oeuvre de certaines activités et à la réalisation des projets.


    Structure :

    The teaching guide offers:

    • A detailed presentation of the method, its components and its methodological principles

    • Support for the use of the student's book (oral and written learning objectives, course of the lesson over the book and the notebook, transcriptions and corrections, indications to enrich the lesson, references assessment tools)

    • A play for the end of the year party

    • Sections: playing with Les Loustics to learn; use the Loustics image cards; read children's books

    • Photocopiable sheets useful for leading the class, implementing certain activities and carrying out projects.

    "Les Petits Loustics" is an easy to use 2 level course for 3 - 6 year olds with a focus on spoken French which conforms to various beginners French programmes. The material is relevant to the daily lives and imaginary world of young learners with endearing characters and eye-catching illustrations throughout. The structured approach helps children remember new language by using nursery rhymes, songs, poems, and following the action in the stories. Teaching is easily adjusted to fit the amount of lesson time available using the "Du temps pour d'autres activités?" sections and additional worksheets in the resource file. Each level contains 6 units consisting of 3 lessons on double-page spreads and a story. The livre de l'élève and cahier d'activités use the same layout; the left-hand pages are for the teacher and contain lyrics for the songs and activities to complete in the lesson. The right-hand page is for the pupils with colourful illustrations for them to follow. The cahier d'activités contains tasks for each pupil to re-use the knowledge acquired in class, stickers and an audio CD of nursery rhymes, songs and stories. The stories are read slowly so that children can imagine what is happening or what will happen. A strong point of the course is that unlike many courses for this age group it does not use puppets; instead the pupils themselves become the puppets and actively take part in the activities. The class CD contains all the audio material for the course. A teachers' guide and resource file containing photocopiable sheets can be downloaded from hachettefle.fr. Black and white versions of the flashcards can also be downloaded from the website.