Assimil Business French with Ease ( Audios Dowloadable)

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9788183070478

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        • Author: Assimil
        • Binding: PAPERBACK
        • ISBN-10: 8183070477
        • ISBN-13: 9788183070478
        • Language: FRENCH
        • Pages: 496
        • Publisher: Assimil
        • Publishing Date: 01-09-2011
        • Subtitle: Dictionaries
        • Subject: FRENCH
        • Weight : 400g

        About The Book 

        Would like to step confidently into the world of international business and be operational and effective in French ? This is the book that will enable you to do so.

        Anne and Frederic-graduates of a ecole and a french university respectively- together with Georges - who has worked his way to the top thanks to continuing education- invite you to follow the different stages of their brilliant careers. You will discover the ins and outs of the French speaking business world on both sides of the Atlantic: Marketing, profitability studies, industrial disputes, commercial negotiations, financing, etc.

        The decision to use this fictional scenario is original and has enabled the authors- both teachers in leading French business schools to provide and entertaining approach to study. The latter is underpinned by numerous exercises, both lively and varied, which are the essential tools of assessing knowledge.

        You will make rapid progress as you work your way through the forty chapters pf yhis book, which i s extremely innovative, both in its spirit and its form.
        The recordings which accompany the book include the texts of the dialogues and provide suggested answers to the questions contained in the exercises. They will also enable you to become familiar with the various accents of the people our heroes meet.