Collins Very First French Dictionary

Publisher: Goyal Publishers

ISBN: 9780007309009

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      • Binding : Paperback
      • ISBN-10 : 0007309007
      • ISBN-13 : 9780007309009
      • Language : French-English/English-French
      • Market : Children/Young Learners
      • Pages: 80
      • Publisher : Collins
      • Publishing Date : June 25,2009
      • Series : Children’s Dictionary
      • Size : 21.2 x 0.8 x 27.2 cm
      • Subtitle : Dictionaries
      • Subject : French
      • Weight : 400 G 

      About The Book 

      Collins Very First French Dictionary (age 6+) is packed full of fun and useful vocabulary to give you and your child a head start in learning French.

      Based on the popular Collins First Time French Dictionary, this book is designed to introduce your child to the world of dictionaries in a fun and accessible way.

      • 500 illustrated words in English-to-French alphabetical order.

      • Example sentences show your child how French is really used.

      • Learning is easier when it's fun! Collins Very First French Dictionary includes plenty of thematic pages on interesting topics such as colors & clothes, school and animals.

      • Complete French-to-English index so you and your child can find your favorite French words easily.

      Collins Very First French Dictionary follows National Curriculum guidelines for modern foreign languages.

      Also available is Collins Very First Spanish Dictionary.