Student Picture Dictionary French- English

Publisher: Renyi

ISBN: 9788183071222

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Author: Renyi
ISBN-10: 8183071228
ISBN-13: 9788183071222
Language:  FRENCH
Publisher: Renyi
Publishing Date: 01-09-2011
Subtitle: Dictionaries
Subject: FRENCH

Unique and innovative dictionaries which use full -color drawings to help explain more than 3300 terms ina way that is accessible to both young children and older learners.Outstanding features :

Wonderful for use at home to help children look up Words they ask about, encourages children to Expand their vocabulary.
The bright, amusing pictures are non-sexist and non-racist.
In English alphabetical order with full second-language index.
The extra large vocabulary is based on Word frequency analysis and thematic A clustering.
A healthy lifestyle is promoted throughout book.
Teachers basic dictionary skills to encourage self learning.